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  1. FINISHING LAB FOR SALE email: jemasmallbusiness@gmail.com TOPCON ALE 5000 Edging System -Only 6,300 Cuts -Cuts: CR39, Poly, Trivex, Hi-Index, Glass -Holds 3 Jobs in Queue *Blocking System No Parallax Distortion & Lens Shape Defined which Eliminates Blank Errors *Tracer: Hi Base Curves, Full Rims, Rimless, Patternless Topcon Lensometer •Prism compensator •External Power and Axis Readings •American-Style Cross-Line Target •Power Cable or Battery Use BPI 1 Quart Ultrasonic Cleaner Glass Bead Hot Box Frame Warmer PSI Groover •Variable Settings •Width •Depth •Lens Curvature •Materials •CR-39 •Poly •Trivex •Hi-Index Lens Edge Polisher Hand Edger •Materials •CR-39 •Poly •Trivex •Hi-Index
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    Over 300 Pieces of New Inventory For Sale This is a great way to stock your practice! Affordable prices for high quality frames. Purchase by collection or the full lot. Email for full list and pictures. Here's some of the lines for sale: Silhouette, Adidas, Kio Yamato, Richard Scot, BCBG, Tom Ford, Marc Ecko, D&G, Kids Frames, Roca Wear, Pro Design, Paws & Claws, Aska, Opti Luxe, Cougar, Grotesque, Motif, Andy Wolf, Gucci, LaMatta email: jemasmallbusiness@gmail.com
  3. EXAM LANE FOR SALE •Reliance 880HFC Chair & 7700IC Instrument Stand •American Optical Phoroptor •Topcon SL2E Slit Lamp •Goldman 870 Tonometer •Marco Projector with wall mount, screen & slide •Marco Keratometer ALL PIECES ARE IN EXCELLENT WORKING CONDITION SHIPS FROM COLORADO OR ARRANGE PICK-UP/DELIVERY email: jemasmallbusiness@gmail.com
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    2 Dispensing Tables

    2 Black Textured Double-Drawer Dispensing Tables Glass Top Insert 46"L X 31.5"H email: jemasmallbusiness@gmail.com
  5. German Imported Frame Displays Modern European frame displays. Sleek wall mounted optical frame boards display 48 frames per board. Mounting design reduces the space needed for dispaying your inventory. The frosted acrylic board is simplistic and is easily incorporated into any interior design element. The frame bars are aluminum which gives them a clean look that doesn't collect dust. 55"H X 35.5"W 6 PANELS (HOLDS 288 FRAMES TOTAL) EMAIL: jemasmallbusiness@gmail.com The picture shows the panels exactly as they are. We painted the walls red behind the panels to match our decor. Mirrors are available for sale.