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    optical software

    Hey guys, I think this will help you: http://perfecteyesightcenter.com/improve-eyesight-app/ It's a little information about optical softwares, for improving eyesight. The top two, as mentioned in that site are: GlassesOff and UltimEyes.
  2. BluEyed

    Preventive Eyecare

    Relaxation techniques (for the eyes), a little sun, and yes your diet, icaheco.
  3. Hello Thank you for your post! They are very helpful, I've also heard about the 10-10-10 Rule, it's got the same mechanism for your 20-20-20 Rule. I wonder which is more effective? Also, you should include relaxation methods in here and to support include healthy food regimen needed for better eyesight.
  4. Hello! my mom bought me a pair of glasses with no grade, as I have normal vision. We were told the lenses have some special UV Protection in it. It is clear, and we were told to use them when we use our computers or anything that dispenses UV rays. Is this true or is it a rip off?
  5. BluEyed

    General Optical Discussion

    Okay so I found this website: http://perfecteyesightcenter.com/ And read there about natural ways to improve the eyesight. It involves a certain Method, the Bates Method. My question is, do you guys think it is effective? This question also goes out to eye doctors out there. Thank you! I want a debate ha ha