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  1. Hello everyone Private office in Chicago has some surfacing and finishing equipment for sale. Here's the list * Surfacing equipment: 1 x OPTEK Profile SL - Generator (with vacuum) 1 x OPTEK Unity - Surfacing blocker(alloy) 2 x OPTEK Criterion Pro - cylinder machines (finer and polisher) 1 x OPTEK 210 - Alloy Reclaim Unit 1 x OPTEK ACCUcomp - gauge 1 x COBURN - Alloy Blocker *** OPTEK - Cast Aluminum Lap Tools * Coating Equipment: 1 x Ultra Optics - Polycarb Lens Coating Machine 1 x Ultra Optics - UV Curing Machine * Finishing equipment: BRIOT Accura CL - Lens Edger BRIOT Axcell - Frame Tracer Other few items available are a chiller, compressor, finishing blocker and a few other items i can't think of right now. The whole lab needs to go. Look at pictures attached