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  1. MichaelFerretti

    Dicon LD 400 w/table

    Hi SLM, Is this Dicon still available? Can you get parts or service still? Michael
  2. How much do you want for the SL 2E slit lamp? Michael
  3. MichaelFerretti

    Dicon LD-400

    Hi ssatood, Are they still making Dicon visual fields anymore? Where can you get parts on contact person? What would you sell yours for? Thanks, Michael Ferretti, OD
  4. MichaelFerretti

    Vision Therapy Equipment

    Hi Dr. Stacie, Would you be interested in a tachistoscope made by Rheem. It has a variety of slides you can use and at various speeds. It is excellent shape. My cell is 530-282-6962. Thanks, Michael Ferretti, OD
  5. MichaelFerretti

    AO Monocular Indirect ophthalmoscope

    Hi Dr. Studebaker, I have two, one is standard with charger unit that plugs into wall and set on counter and other is wired to a stand charger. If you have any interest let me know. I am open to price. Thanks, Michael Ferretti, OD PS original owner and can send photos if you would like
  6. MichaelFerretti

    Solid oak frame displays for sale

    Hi Dr. White, Are these frame displays still available? Where are you located? Thanks, Michael Ferretti,OD