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  1. For Sale: A Briot Accura Cx Edger. This model has three working modes: Scanning, Blocking and Edging. It is easy to use and allows access to previous jobs. Has had approximately 4 years of use.
  2. We have a Maxima/CNC-3D Patternless System for sale. The edger was purchased in 2004 for $26,000.00 and has been used in a one physician office. Edger Features Include: - Four grinding wheels for all materials - Automatic polishing for CR39, high-index and polycarbonate - Automatic pin beveling - Built-in automatic 3D groover - Continuous mapping (3D) - Bevel Programs: Automatic, Program guided, Manual guided and Flat - Quick-set controls for fast programming - Self-diagnosis - Automatic calibration - Adjustable working pressure CNC 3D Features Include: - Tracer, Centering Device & Blocker, all in one - 3D Tracing - Tracing of Frame, Pattern or Lens - Possibilty of reading only one eye and transposing for the other eye - Calculation of the minimum diameter needed for the lens. Anyone interested in this system can e-mail me at laurie@vecpa.com or call me at 956-423-2100. Laurie Kester Valley Eye Center