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  1. icaheco

    Dockers Frame Line

    Thre are a lot of distributors who claim that they offer Dockers frame eyeglasses. But as far as I know Dockers frames are manufactured in China. Although they assure us that the quality is not compromised.
  2. I believe you can charge your professional fee for giving them their PD and also for the adjustment of their frames. And another thing, since you've experiences a lot of your patients who consider buying their glasses through the internet, why not considers it too? You can make a fan page or a website where your patients can order their pair of eyeglasses online.
  3. Base on the title of your post, my answer is yes. It affects our vision due to prolong exposure to radiation of the computer. However, I'm not yet aware on some of the following precautions you've mention regarding this topic. I'm only aware about wearing eyeglasses that can block a computer radiation. I will surely take note of this and share it in my social media account so that it can help others who are also exposed to computer radiation. Thank you so much.
  4. icaheco

    The Future of Futuristic Eyewear

    This is really one futuristic eyewear. An eyewear that only a celebrity can pull off. Because one thing is for sure, an ordinary person can't wear it in public places since it can catch public's attention. But if your a person who loves attention, you will surely love this type of glasses.
  5. icaheco

    Eye Health and Preventive Eyecare

    It's always been an advocacy of optical professionals to educate not only the patients but other civilian as well. And its good to know that there are reports like this that a lot of netizens are being informed on to take care of their eyes.
  6. icaheco

    Eye vision

    Since you have amblyopia in your left eye, I suggest putting an eye patch in the non-affected eye or instilling topical atropine is needed to prevent damaged in the good eye that can lead to strabismus. Eye-patching is only necessarily for about 4-6 hours per day. The good news is there is a chance for you to recover from amblyopia as long as you'll continue your treatment.
  7. icaheco

    A New Forum for opticians&optometrists

    This is something I look forward to. Thank you for creating another forum site where we can share our thoughts about optometry topics.
  8. icaheco

    Ophthalmic Equipment Repair

    Hi there, if ever you need a supplier for optical lens, I recommend you to try in East Coast Optical the offer wholesale optical lens.
  9. icaheco

    Eyewear art

    There is really such a thing as eyewear art. It is called fashion. But looking trendy and good at the same time is like hitting two birds at one stone. Another thing must not be forgotten when considering an eyewear. It is the comfort of your eyes through the quality of your lens. And when it comes to this, East Coast Optical is the name we can rely.
  10. icaheco

    New Edge Eyewear

    Hi, congrats on your business out there. If you’re looking for a supplier for optical lens. You can contact East Coast Optical at 215-725-4404 or 215-725-4494 located at Philadelphia. They offer wholesale optical lens in all types.
  11. icaheco

    Wholesale Lab

    Since you already mention that you are planning to make a wholesale lab business. If ever you also need a supplier for optical lens, I recommend you to contact East Coast Optical at 215-725-4404 or 215-725-4494. They also offer wholesale optical lens supplies. Hope they can help.
  12. icaheco

    New Optical Retail Blog Launched

    Hi, congrats on your new blog. Hope you have some time to know about East Coast Optical located in Philadelphia. They offer wholesale optical lens that can add more info about your blog.
  13. icaheco

    General Optical Discussion

    It's good to know that another optical forum is created. More forum, more chance to share our insights to others.
  14. I can suggest you to call the hotlines of East Coast Optical at 215-725-4404 or 215-725-4494. They offer wholesale optical lens that even Opticians, Optometrists, and Ophthalmologists use. I have this friend who got her pair of glasses that her Ophthalmologists said that her lens came from there.
  15. icaheco

    Wholesale Optical-Eyecare Directory Launched

    May I know if East Coast Optical? They also offer wholesaleoptical lens laboratory.