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  1. ssatood

    Dicon LD-400

    Hanson medical in Utah took over servicing the LD-400. 1-877-623-3937.
  2. ssatood

    Dicon LD-400

    Sorry for not replying earlier. They don't make them but there is a former employee who is servicing them. I don't know what they are worth. I am in HI and shipping to the Continental US is probably not worth it. I see them on ebay. You want to make me an offer? Stan 808-688-0841 (office)
  3. Yes. Sorry for not checking this site. My email is ssatood@yahoo.com if you want to contact me. Thank you.
  4. IDK. I'll check when I can.
  5. I'm looking to sell in Hawaii. Probably not worth it to ship out of Hawaii.
  6. Used Reliance Chair slider for wheel chair access. Location: Oahu, Hawaii. Best offer.