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  1. Unit is in excellent condition. This HRT has the following modules installed: HRT Glaucoma Viewing Module HRT Macula Edema Viewing Module HRT Glaucoma Acquisition Module HRT GPS Viewing Module HRT Moorfields Viewing Module HRT Progression Viewing Module HRT Retina Thickness This HRT comes with the following components: Heidelberg power table Auxiliary Lenses Dust Cover HP Printer User's Manual HRT 3 Scanning Head LCD Monitor Windows XP Computer External Archive Disc
  2. Currently I have a Foresee PHP for sale. Full macular testing of central 14 degrees, automated analysis, visual field mapping, and ARMD. This machine is in excellent condition. Foresee PHP Features and Benefits: · Full macular testing of central 14 degrees, automated analysis, and visual field mapping. · Easy to interpret results with the only normative database available for AMD patients. · Higher specificity and sensitivity than current methods for detecting early. . Reduces the number of early and late referrals and allows for timely and effective treatment. · Diagnostic capabilities based on the hyperacuity (Vernier) phenomenon. . Hyperacuity has a higher sensitivity than normal visual acuity and is unaffected by patient age or physical condition. . PHP technology reveals distortions otherwise hidden by the brain's innate ability to fill in scotomas and overcomes inherent problems associated with the Amsler Grid; completion, fixation, crowding and compliance. · Fast, easy and intuitive testing for patients and technicians