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    Optos is holding us hostage!!

    I so agree, my wife is an attorney and she has been reviewing several customers "contracts" and she will find something to catch them on. Its just shy of extortion.
  2. I purchased, (capital equipment not the click fee) an optomap, it came with a 2 year service agreement. I am at the end of my service agreement and was faxed a "renewal" from optos. It is $5000 per year to keep service on this machine. After paying $80k two years ago!! Unfortunately, most insurances, VSP especially will not allow you to charge the patient an additional fee for optomap nor can you bill in the majority of the cases. (although in some you can) I made the decision to sell the machine to a doctor who would see more medical cases than I do only to find out that if I sell my machine, even though I own it outright, they would effectively "lockout" the new owner until they pay what they call a "re certification fee" of $24k!! Which obviously no one would want to do after paying for the machine. I spoke with several used equipment dealers and Optos directly and this is factual. Is anyone else experienced this?
  3. Atlas 9000 corneal topography system for sale in perfect working condition all software up to date easily interfaces with most EMR systems. Like new, but priced much better!!!
  4. OPTOS 200 DX available 2 years old in perfect working condition with updated software and computer workstation. Perfect condition, interfaces with many of the popular EMR software.