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  1. I have an Essilor Gamma Patternless Edger system that I am trying to sell. I am willing to take an reasonable offer! This system has been used for about 100 jobs/month and has been taken care of very well. Please email me if you are interested and make an offer. I'm just looking to sell it as soon as possible. Thanks! Email me at: advancedoptics@cableone.net
  2. I am in search of a couple of pieces of equipment to buy if anyone has anything that is listed please contact me by email. Thanks. Used Heine Handle for Ophthalmoscope (don't need head just handle - Needs to be a Heine) Used Santinelli Drill System or other comparable Drilling System. Used Glass processing equipment (Chem treating unit and drop ball testing equip.) Please email me at the following address: advancedoptics@cableone.net
  3. According to ANSI Standards there are two different categories for Safety Thickness requirements now through ANSI Z87 High Impact These lenses can be ground to a 2.0 CT and need to be tested differently than you have ever tested safety lenses before. It's not the same drop ball type of test. In order to be in compliance with this High Impact 2.0 CT you lens must be test with the high velocity test which you can find out more either through ANSI or another source like Colts Laboratory (they have alot of the info on testing requirements) Basic Impact The Basic Impact requires at least a 3.0 CT just like you have been talking about. With the same test as before to certify them as passing ANSI Safety Standards. If you are surfacing safety eyewear you should really know all of the requirements and legalities that you face. There are government regulations on this for a reason even though you might think 1.5 is ok. You shouldn't be able to sell them as safety lenses either if they aren't up to these standards, tested and marked with your logo on the lens. The ANSI Z87 regulations is something that might not be a bad idea to purchase just to know more about what is required of you at the surfacing level and testing procedures etc.
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    Drill Mounts

    djeyes, Do you still have your Smart Drill System? And are you still trying to sell it or have you already gotten rid of it? Let me know as I might be interested in it. Thanks.