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  1. Hey guys and girls... IF you read this try to get some of your other optician friends to say "hi" also. OK?
  2. This would be a more interesting place if the members and guests would post something on some topic daily! How a bout it?
  3. Online opticals grow because of their low price. B&M opticals must formulate a way to compete onprice. It would seem that customers do not veiw our skills worth the price difference...comment?
  4. Actually I hear that online optical purchases are growing every year and a good percentage of that growth is REPEAT business.
  5. Where is everybody? How about a small shout out? I hear crickets chirping...
  6. optx

    Can the 3 O's get along?

    Its difficult. All are wanting to dispense eyewear. That makes competition not colleagues. Your thoughts...
  7. optx

    Brand New

    Hi I'm new to the forum. Who all is out there?