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  1. 3 Items - All Brand New 1) Bernell-O-Scope - Brand new, in its original case. Not hand-held, it's with a stand. Currently retails for $172.95 plus tax. My price $110. 2) Variable Prismatic Mirror Stereoscope - Brand new, in its original case. Price $100. 3) HTS Computerised Home Vision Therapy software - Brand New in it's original box, never used, glasses, software etc all in shrikwrap. Compatible with Windows 95/98/2000/NT, ME or XP. Also Mac 9.0 though OSX. Needs 166 MHz CPU or higher. 18 Mb available hard disk space. 64 Mb RAM, Sound Card, Color SVGA monitor. Currently retails for $125.99 plus tax on Amazon. Price $70. I was a vision therapy patient (starbismus) and bought all these instruments but never ended up using them and opted for surgery. So I need to sell them. Call me at (704) 553-7440 and leave a message or reply to this advertizement. Regards, 2020now