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  1. markw

    Eyewear Vending Machines

    It was bound to happen, are they made to order by entering your prescription or do you need to get a generic version that is pre-made close to what your needing http://www.eyebuyexpress.com Santa Fe, NM
  2. markw

    Where is everybody?

    Oh Brother http://www.eyebuyexpress.com
  3. Hello?? http://www.eyebuyexpress.com Santa Fe NM
  4. markw

    School or Apprentice

    http://www.eyebuyexpress.com I find Training with a staff first to make sure its for you then school
  5. markw


    Womens Sunglasses from $32 includes the prescription lenses
  6. markw

    free form lenses

    Lenses free form and progressive complete finished wholesale, three day turn around time on large orders
  7. You should just try IBECO they can to all finishing and ship anywhere
  8. markw

    Porta Romana y Ono Eyewear

    are you able to sell complete online similar to My link