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  1. HexNut

    Wholesale Optical-Eyecare Directory Launched

    Very Nice Job!!!
  2. Call Leo at VSI, They had at least 100 slit lamps in stock last time I was there. They have really good prices and are a stand up company.
  3. HexNut

    Multifocal fitting

    What is the B dimension of the frame, seg ht, and what style of multifocal? She might just need a bigger frame or lower the seg a little.
  4. HexNut


    Great Information Thank You!!!
  5. HexNut

    vsp and in-house labs

    Link????? Where did you here this?
  6. HexNut


  7. HexNut

    Good wholesale lab.

    There are thousands of good labs out there. When I was in N.C. I used Wakefield Optical Co. If you really want to make some cash, get a finish lab and cut your own lenses. Contact member opticlabrat. He set up my lab and I have never looked back.
  8. HexNut

    Fast Growing Optical Business

    Where is your location???
  9. HexNut

    New Progressives

    There are to many choices out there. Make sure you get the right corridor for your patient. I have fit a few with great success but I have heard the chains are having big problems with it. As Bender said above, there are to many McTicians out there.
  10. HexNut

    SECO 2008

    Anyone attending this year?
  11. I am an optician and I browse here almost daily. Its a nice forum that is growing and no bickering is a big plus.
  12. HexNut


    I cant help you with your edger, but I have some great advice for your tint pans. I assume your problem is that they are stained and contaminating your tints? If So...... Buy a gallon of acetone, fill your pans with the acetone and let them sit overnight. In the morning dump them out and clean them with a scouring pad. You can make them look brand new. As far as your edger, call Leo at Vision Systems Inc. They have many edger parts.
  13. HexNut

    True or False?

    Without correction they need to hold it farther away. Look at any farsighted person and you will see them reading at arms length. The farther away the clearer they can see.
  14. HexNut

    uncut lenses

    Try Weldco in Caledonia N.Y., Excellent service and many products for E.C.P.s