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  1. cutter41

    Santinelli Trouble

    Thank you, I will start with that. I think i've spoke to Leo in the past. When I first bought it on line I was having trouble with chipping. He Helped me through that. I appreciate your direction and will post results. Thanks again
  2. cutter41

    Santinelli Trouble

    Thank You, no error messages, I'm not sure where to find the edge end sensor. I do know that the rotation works perfectly during lens trace. so far all i've done is move it to a table and take cover off, look for anything loose. I'm rather lost and not familiar with this unit.
  3. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix my Le7070SX. It traces lens then starts cutting lens, will rotate a little while cutting, then stops rotating, wheel continues to run but lens never turns to finish the shape. I have to stop it then restart it a couple of times before it will finish the cycle on its own. Thank you