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  1. lol...i got a message on facebook and myspace from a lab owner..he was looking for me for a while and i said i would work here...im @ clearview lens lab in warrensville heights, ohio

  2. How did you end up back in optics?

    Where did you go?

  3. not a ton....but im back in optics!!!..and i lost your contact info.

  4. Yo, yo, yo, whats up Bro?

  5. Fezz...where ya been bro?

  6. bhess25

    edging trivex

    when edging trivex use the poly setting, also, if you want the best performance change your wheels. when your edging trivex the material melts and with regular wheels doesn't have anywhere to go. call Dave @ inland diamond, and get yourself a set of axiom wheels, they work best for all materials.