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    Win FREE Nites Stay AT Vision Expo East

    Ok, I'll give it a try. What is the best thing you learned at any trade show? That the Casino Royale in Vegas has one dollar beer and one dollar margarita's 24 hours a day! Describe how attending Vision Expo with co-workers makes your practice/organization a better place to work? My boss is much nicer since I threatened to not let "What happens in Vegas" stay in Vegas. What is the best Optical Class you have taken at Vision Expo and Why? "Lens Stretchers: Fact or Fiction?" (I finally found out the truth!) Did a trade show networking opportunity change your career? Yea, my career changed..I had to take on a 2nd job to pay for the pallet of Ronsirs I bought at VEW in 2010. ( Retro's coming back, my foot!) Did you meet an interesting celebrity at a trade show, if so who and what were they like? Yes, Lindsey Lohan at the Skank Eyewear booth. What was she like? She has more freckles than is humanly possible to have. Did you find interesting new products or equipment you never thought you would buy? Yes, my Sun reflector retina scope. ( I was tired of trying to use that dim light bulb it came with!)
  2. I checked my boards. I've got a ton of ST's, but no 128. If it would help I have plenty of 120's that I could change the *0* to an *8*.
  3. PS. You can thank me later!

  4. You are on the right track, but your equations will only bring you stomach upset, adija, puke, and vomit. Try this instead:




    Follow that with a trifecta of:

    Bu(ff*alo*) wi/ngs*12 /Boobs Galore

    That should get you thru your "equation"!

  5. And so, a new pyramid begins. I'm batch'in again. Any tips on keeping my corners square as the weight increases? I was thinking to use;

    b / u + s = h

    but I started thinking..(yea, bad idea) maybe it's;

    b - u = d

    I hope it's not;

    s - c / h + L - i x t = z.

    Please advise..

  6. optical24/7

    Discontinued lens styles or brands

    That's why I'm here Bro, to hold your beer...
  7. Great!

    I'll add that very helpful list to my Who gives a Rat's Ass Binder!

  8. Hey, hey, hey. Got your answer of the day to your dico lens question. Peace out!

  9. optical24/7

    Discontinued lens styles or brands

    Yes, I have such a list; * Ronco's X-Ray Glasses. These were disco'ed because gullible teens stopped buying comic books on which they were advertised. * Beer Goggles. These aren't actually discontinued, they are just on indefinite back order due to a beer guzzler in Pa. named Bob whom has cornered the market of world production. * The " Does My Butt Look Bigger?" Lens. This was a short lived lens design. The inventor suffered an un-timely death when he gave his wife the wrong answer. * The Texas Lens. This was discontinued due to everything looking bigger through them. (simular to the lens above). * The Cheaper Than Dirt Lens. This was developed by a frugal Optician named John in Ohio. Disco'ed due to the poor performance of the lenses substrate. (made from discarded plastic Coke bottles.) * The Craze-All Lens. Not discontinued, just renamed with a fancy French twist. * The Crooked Top Bifocal. * The Hold my Beer and Watch This Lens. Never brought to market. The inventor passed away jumping off a 100 ft. bridge tied to a 110 ft. bungee cord. * The Shamirica Attitude Lens. This lens caused the wearer to swagger, put one hand on their hip and wag their other hands index finger in other people's faces while repeating " Girl, don't you even think about That!". * The Anti-Flatulence Lens. Discontinued after the developers claims were found to be full of hot air. On a similar note, the "Wanna See my Poot Visual System" is still available. Using an infrared lens system geeks will no longer wonder what their farts look like. You can see the whole list in my up coming book, " Why'd Ya Wanna Know That? ".
  10. Hey............wake up and go back to sleep!

  11. It is duller than my social life!

    I tried to get something going = ZERO!

  12. Man, it's deader than optibored here....I like it!

  13. It is about time you made your way over here!

  14. Hey you ol' dog. Glad to "see' ya! ~24/7