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    Fun Project

    A patient picked up glasses with the following Rx: -2.50 -1.75 X 3 -2.25 -0.75 X 172 Add = +2.00 He proceeded to tell me how much he disliked progressives and that he could see at near much better without his glasses on. I must confess that I was quite shocked at that statement but let it pass. He then explained that what he really wanted was a pair of glasses with his distance Rx at the top and nothing at the bottom. I confirmed that he meant nothing, zero, zip, clear and he replied, “Yes that is exactly what I want but I have never found anyone who could understand what I was talking about, let alone make them for me.” Well, I love a challenge… and I really did not like hearing that he could not find an optical dispensing professional willing to at least try to help him out. I didn’t tell him I was going to try, I just took the project on to see what I could do. I had a new frame at home that I donated to the project. I ordered two pairs of lenses in stock CR-39 one pair distance Rx and one pair 0.00 lenses. The Rx pair I blocked with the OC about 5 mm high assuring the OC would be above the line I would be creating. The 0.00 pair I blocked on physical center. I traced the frame on our Santinelli and ran both sets of lenses (the Rx and the plano) as if they were to be mounted in the frame. I then took surface tape and covered the entire front of each lens. I carefully trimmed the excess away with a razor blade and then made a graph using a PD ruler and a sheet of notebook paper. Using the graph to keep things centered and aligned I lined up the 0.00 lenses and drew a line at 11mm and scribbled out what would be removed (everything ABOVE the line). Then I cut the surface tape with a razor blade along the line and peeled away the tape exposing everything ABOVE the line. For the Rx lenses I held them together with the 0.00 pair and used the line created by the edge of the tape to draw another reference line and I scribbled out what would be removed (everything BELOW the line). Then I cut the surface tape with a razor blade along the line and peeled away the tape exposing everything that would be removed. Now --- back to the edger which I ran on “wheel dressing” so I could access the roughing wheel with my bare hands. Reaching in carefully I ground away the unneeded portion of each lens until they just missed the top of the tape. Then I switched to a 1” flat file and hand worked the edge down to the tapeline on each lens. The flat file provided a nice flat, smooth edge on each lens that, as you can see, created a nice finished looking lens. Then, thanks to a suggestion from someone over on OptiBoard, instead of trying to use an optical cement I used only the pressure of the eyewire to hold the two halves of the lenses together creating a Franklin style or Executive bifocal lens. I was able to give the patient exactly what he wanted, distance Rx at the top, nothing at the bottom but clear plastic. This was a fun, two and a half hour, hands-on project that turned out just great. I would encourage every optical dispensing professional to put his or her spare time to use trying a project like this. You never know where it might lead. For more on finishing lenses see www.OpticianWorks.com. I am sorry that I did not take pictures as I went along.
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    ABO Practice

    Plenty of ABO Exam practice questions are at OpticianWorks A complete ABO mock exam is coming soon! Stay Tuned
  3. This is an open call to anyone, a-n-y-o-n-e who wants to get started writing for the industry. Every writer has to start somewhere and here is your chance to get started. We need articles on ANY optically related subject. Do you have a well written college paper? -- Submit it! Just want to tell us about an interesting work experience where your creativity and optical knowledge made a difference? Submit It! The industry needs fresh blood to step up and start making contributions to the field or we are heading for disaster. Please help your chosen profession and get involved by learning how to write and share information with others in constructive ways. Do you know someone that might be interested? Email me through the board if you have any questions or want to get started.
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    What Do You Need Most?

    Opticianry students --- Are you enrolled in a college program designed to prepare you for your optician license and an associates degree? What kinds of additional support are you looking for? Educational? Jobs? Other Resources? I can only help connect you with what you need if you tell me what it is! Thanks John
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    Changes To This Forum

    Hi John S here from OpticianWorks.com. I'm taking over the moderator position for this area of the OptiForum. Please help us drive a little interest this way by contributing your thoughts. If you have a better idea of how to divide the sections up I am happy to consider them. Please note that this will be a moderated board. This forum will exist to help those getting started in the field and where individuals with a real interest in the profession can share ideas. John
  6. Here is an excellent opportunity to give back to your profession. opticianworks.com is looking for questions to add to their free online test bank. By providing a question you are guiding the future of our profession and helping shape the understanding of Opticianry students or the new, non-licensed, dispensing ECP. Please submit carefully constructed, multiple choice or True-False questions to questions@opticianworks.com. Questions must show correct answers and any math steps involved.* If you would like a fill in the blanks outline just email me and I'll send you one! Question areas include: Dispensing and adjustments done to fit a frame for an individual patient. Basic prism using Prentices Formula for wanted and unwanted prism. Standard alignment Placing lab orders and the lab relationships Verification of eyewear against a set of standards Optical Puzzlers or any clever optical questions you might have. Thank you for your help with this project. John Seegers, opticianworks.com * Note: All questions submitted become the exclusive, copyright protected, property of www.opticianworks.com.
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    Practice Exams

    You will find over 100 multiple choice test questions that will help you to prepare for certification exams like that given by the ABO at opticianworks