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    Nidek ARK-760A

    TT, Thank you very much for responding so quickly. I have made sure that both functions are suppose to occur every time the trigger is pulled. While it is proccessing an eye, if the K readings are not working properly it will flash a K?, right before it is done gathering the readings. Every time the K flashes during the test, it does not print them. If it is a software issue, is there an update? Can we preform some kind of hard reset to bring the machine back to the orginal factory setings? Thank you for all of your time and expertise. Wyatt In Boulder
  2. modernwyatt

    Nidek ARK-760A

    When I use the machine (Nidek ARK-760A,Serial#30016) on my patients, only a handful of printouts have the K readings on them. IS it a printer problem or a machine problem? I already looked through the operators manual and the service manual, and couldnt find the help I needed. Thank you to who ever might be able to help. Wyatt in Boulder