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  1. The OD accepts the insurance so you are responsible to replace the frame. Try to talk to the insurance co. maybe they can offer to cover some of the cost of the replacement. A lot of times, they make exceptions so the patients' claim can be re-submitted. Try to talk to the frame company, maybe they can get you something of similar value that you can in turn sell to offset your expense. Sometimes dealing with these 3rd party programs is just not worth it, it all depends on your practice. sometimes you're the bug, sometimes you're the windshield.
  2. I'm opening a new store and looking for a computer program. I've worked with a few different ones in other locations but my experience is limited. The application is for a retail optical with a doctor on premises but separate, so I do not want an optometric based program. Anyone out there using something simply spectacular?
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    Comfort Cable Temples

    I know its been a while scince your post, but i just got here! Anyway, most any metal temple can be fit with comf cables. Check the Hilco catalog, they have them avail in many colors and sizes. I have used them many times and work fine. The 3 piece with mag clips are also around, but sometimes it's better to let the winners find them themselves!