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    School or Apprentice

    I would say by reading your other post that you should go too school if you come to America. That combined with your experience will make you a very good optician.
  2. ChopDoc

    Starting a New Office

    Great Idea, I could have used a guide when i started. It was mostly trial and error for me. "Mostly error"
  3. ChopDoc

    Santinelli 9000

    We had the same problem but the calibration helped it. Maybe you should try again
  4. ChopDoc

    Nice Website

    Congrats to Optiforum, This place has grown a lot since i was last here. I think i will come here more often. I love the Calendar feature. How can I upload files? I have some great optical matierials I would like to share.
  5. ChopDoc


    How is the customer feedback on this lens?
  6. I believe these are trivex lenses. I havent recommended these yet to my patients, but i see the tide is turning. Are they really worth the high price? or should i stick with polycarb and crizal? Your Opinions Please
  7. ChopDoc


    I havent seen one of those in a while, why would you want one?
  8. ChopDoc


    Hello all, i guess i am alone here........hopefully not for long. Looks like a great site. I hope we get some members here soon.