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  1. Hi how. r u I got a B&L 21-65-70 for sale would u be interested or know anyone who is call me if so 320-290-5707 corey

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    Leap Pads!!!

    Gladly, Please PM me your addy
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    axis problems

    I moved your topic to the tech talk forum so a qualified service technician can view it. Dull wheels, bad blocks or even cheap leap pads will cause axis twisting. However, you say its only one lens. Is it consistantly the right or left? Or a certain matierial? These details will provide better clues to identify the problem Thanks and welcome !!!
  4. Patternless edger company seeks experienced finish technician for installation and training position. Some Travel required, Great Benefits, 401K. Contact Fred 727-934-0130 or toll free 866-934-1030
  5. Ken, Click on the sellers user name and you will see an option to send this member an email or private message. Thanks and Welcome
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    Where has everyone gone?

    I am here too, Lots of guests and lurkers here today
  7. Thanks for the reply, I will look around to see if anyone needs it.
  8. I can give you some good advice to avoid slippage depending on what machine you are using. First of all, I recommend that you make sure your wheels are sharp. Dull wheels cause undo stress on the lens and can cause slippage and other problems. As far as leap pads i highly recomend Phantom leap pads or 3M leap pads. They cost a little more but are well worth the price. Dont be fooled by a thick sticky pad. The thickness will actually cause the twist and slippage.
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    New Lab Rat

    Welcome to OptiForum Garry
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    Were you a disaster volunteer? What were you doing there?
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    Happy Birthday OpTickle!!!

    Next Stop.....40!!! Have a good one
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    E.V. 4.0

    Maybe you have to play with your cutter speed and feed rate. Just a thought since i have no experience on the sgx/trivex.
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    truimph edger

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    truimph edger

    ???... ???
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    truimph edger

    First of all, when exactly do you get the error? Watch the cycle and determine when the error occurs. v32 can be a number of things but usually it is when the y or z is attempting to move and there is resistance due to dirty slides or something. The dirt and debris makes the y or z motor work to hard resulting in the error. The sgx is a great machine if it is properly cleaned and maintained DAILY. You also may have bad bearings on those slides, again caused by debris. Give me a call and i can give you more details.