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    axis problems

    Bearing job was done approx 2-3 yrs ago. after that the machine was not used it sat around until i purchased it. can you do a bearing job yourself or does it have to be sent out. i am in the middle of nowhere va.
  2. mford

    axis problems

    one will be of a little more than the other. 2 degrees right eye 5 left. i know i'm not that bad at dotting and blocking. i guess i just might start by getting leap pads but i think it has more do to with the wheels because of the age of the machine.
  3. mford

    axis problems

    here is my problem. axis is off on one lens almost everytime. could it be worn blocks? I use the essilor plastic blocks. Or dull wheels? or a combo of both. For dull wheels is it more important to have better/sharper roughing wheels or finishing wheels? Thanks for any help. I edge with a essilor profile m