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  1. Acktoria

    Wake Up!

    Costa Rica
  2. Acktoria

    used stand

    I second the nomination!!! The techs at VSI are so helpful.
  3. Call Leo Hadley at VSI. He is member "opticlabrat" on this forum. I have been buying equipment from him for almost 10 years. Everything I have ever bought was like brand new, and the support is incredible. Its so nice to work with a company who really goes out of their way to help you.
  4. Acktoria

    Wholesale Optical-Eyecare Directory Launched

    Ive been following your site a while now, It has grown a lot. Looks great!
  5. Acktoria

    Looking to purchase used slit lamp

    I second this recommendation. VSI is always there when I need equipment or just advice. Not only do they have great deals, but they also warranty everything they sell.
  6. Do you still have this phoroptor available?
  7. Acktoria

    Vacation in New York City

    I was in New York for a few days last week and I was shocked at how large it really is. I have seen pictures and television but I just stood on the street almost afraid too move. I am so impressed by the U.S.A. I did not want to leave. I bought an I love N.Y. SHIRT and even though I was very cold, I spent a whole day wandering central park and riding the train through the city. I hope someday to come to America forever.
  8. Acktoria

    Comfort Cable Temples

    We recently Sold off a large number of older frames to a flea market. They were sitting in our closet for some time.
  9. How did you get your license and which of the two choices are better?
  10. Acktoria

    School or Apprentice

    I guess this question is for experienced Opticians. In the U.S. is it better to be schooled or apprentice to become an optician. I have about 5 years experience in South America and it is probably useless in the states. I want to relocate to Florida and I dont know if i should go to school or apprentice to be eligible for a license.
  11. Acktoria


    I sing in the shower!
  12. Acktoria

    truimph edger

    OptiTone is "The Man" when it comes to fixing stuff. He gave me lots of great advise and saved me lots of $$$. THANK YOU AGAIN
  13. Acktoria

    New Lab Rat

    Hi LabRat, I hope you like it here. Lots of cool peeps here!!!
  14. Acktoria

    Happy Birthday DPalmer!!!!!

    Happy Birthday too you, Happy Birthday too you, Happy Birthday DPalmer, Happy Birthday too you.