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    Comfort Cable Temples

    Sounds like you need a time machine. I havent seen anything like that in a long time, Sorry
  2. Lenzor


    Welcome to Optiforum, Labrats Unite!!!
  3. Lenzor

    Computer kids

    What would i do without my Ipod? I had a cool "record player" and an extensive 45 collection. It all seems so antique now.
  4. Lenzor


    I can sing!!!! Do you have a position in your band matey???
  5. Lenzor

    contact lens prices

    I think that selling contacts is really more of a courtesy rather than a money making scheme. With places like Walmart and the price match chains, we only make pennys on the deal.
  6. Since poly lenses are almost bulletproof, is there a minimum thickness requirement for Safety poly lenses? I am sick of grinding them at 3.0 when i know that 1.5 is just as safe. I cant seem to find any reliable info on this. The standards at my work is dated in the 1980s
  7. Lenzor


    Thanks for all the info........ I was able to get the lens i needed. My patient wanted a small segment set very low for his golf game. I thought that would be the best since he did not want a round seg. Vision ease came through.
  8. Lenzor


    Does any one here use ft-25s anymore, and if so where do you get them from?