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  1. Sorry it's slow, good time for housekeeping, hehehe. No decision on new doc yet. Chronic short staff with vacations, one on maternity leave. I'm doing long weekends where I can, no vacation..vet bills to be paid off. Planted veggies, forgot to harvest lettuce, now 3'tall! Hope you get to go away.....thanks for staying in touch

  2. How is your summer going? Things have been slow around here. I hope they pick up soon. Did you ever hire a new Doc? I am still lurking on Optiboard.

  3. cleyes


    Hi there, "I'm just a lonely post, lonely & blue....." Pleased to meet y'all, I'll try to visit more often.
  4. cleyes

    Can the 3 O's get along?

    What crabs in the bucket?? What did I miss?
  5. Happy to here from you, missing your wacky sense of humour on OB, are you lurking? Busy summer, one of my bosses is retiring, looking for OMD or OD to fill in. Tricky business. Thanks for keeping in touch!

  6. I hope all is well in your world and that you are enjoying your summer!

  7. cleyes

    School or Apprentice

    Slow thinker...hehehe. Been off this forum for a while. Thirty years ago I gave someone the advice not to choose opticianry, it's a dead end field unless self employed. That is just as true today. We are not valued as employees, our industry has been bastardized & rendered ineffective by the large chains who employ minimum wage frame sellers, and churn out optical junk. There is an entire generation of eyeglass wearers who have never experienced a quality well made pair of glasses. How are they to know there is a better world for them? They think sloppy poorly fitted glasses are normal. The pool of knowledgable wearers is shrinking, along with our salaries. Next life.....plumber.....he makes double my salary working for an independent .
  8. cleyes

    Can the 3 O's get along?

    I'm not sure where everyone is on this forum......we're talking to an empty room
  9. cleyes

    Where is everybody?

  10. cleyes

    Can the 3 O's get along?

    What are your thoughts?
  11. cleyes

    Can the 3 O's get along?

    Actually one on one most of us do get along. It's the global mistrust of the other O we have to fight against. We are busy with our own practice day to day, that is where it starts. We have to choose our words more carefully with our own patients. I work for an MD, we have OD referrals, our Rx's go out to Opticians & OD's. We have a respectful congenial relationship in our community. The greater picture may be more of the same.....or not. Maybe the only voices we are hearing are the loudmouths who may be a minority. The majority may not be speaking up. The divide may not be as great as we think I don't have the answer to the greater picture.
  12. I am still trying to figure this site out!

  13. cleyes

    Can the 3 O's get along?

    Boy, have we degenerated from our early history. All the "O"s have contributed to bring us to the current technological advances. For our respective interests and knowledge to advance we have to continue to share knowledge. We are like a large family, common interests, fighting for the common good but unable to agree to tolerate our differences. Knee jerk prejudices, invective, narrow minded views & opinions will only serve to keep us from advancing for the good of our patients. When there is new technology, new knowledge & new invention we don't ask which "O" is behind it, we just use it & enjoy the benefits for our patients. Many of us are behaving like kids with "cliques" excluding & bad mouthing those who don't belong. This is not intelligent, educated adult behaviour. I read some of the postings in the various forums with amazement.....invective directed at each "O" as a group. There is no such thing as an inferior or evil class or group of people.....within each group there exists all types. This type of group prejudice has no place within our "family" We all interact with one another, let's think before indulging in unnecessary prejudicial badmouthing. It has unfortunately become the norm to lose all sense of manners and civility when disagreeing. Shouting & insulting is no way to find solutions to our problems. We need each other for this industry to survive & thrive......"A house divided WILL fall. Time to stick together and watch each other's backs, not stab each other's backs.
  14. Hey!

    Good to see you on here!

  15. cleyes

    School or Apprentice

    I did both, worked full time for my apprenticeship and attended classes at night. I think BOTH forms of education are vital. Working gains you experience not found in class, classwork allows you to have an understanding of what and why you are doing at work. If you are fortunate to work for a master, the education is priceless.