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    software for optometrists

    We can easily see that now a days opticians market is increasing day by day at marvelous speed.Because of this they have carried lots of burden so lots of comapny are come in market to solved their problems. I know one software called optifocus 9 its provide all related services to the opticians.If you want to buy this software for optician then Click here.
  2. josephwarnel

    software for optician

    Hi.. I have one software for optician it have lots of features for optician like Appointment Booking Software for Opticians ,Patient record (Rx) Software for Opticians , Recall software for Opticians ,Dispensing software for Opticians,Opticians Point of Sale (POS) Too see all features in detaiclick here.It provides complete electronic practice management solution (software) to suite requirements of Opticians, Optometrists and Ophthalmologist and it has also Electronic Appointment Diary ensures up to date appointment schedules for opticians, offering statistics based on attended and unattended appointments for patients and non patients.It is a division of Cygnet Info tech which is CMMI Level 3, ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 27001:2005 certified company. software for optician | Rx software
  3. josephwarnel

    Nidek ARK-700a

    Hi.. Ya I know one technician who could solve your problem but I forget perfect address I will tell you later
  4. josephwarnel

    The Evolution of Contact Lens

    Hi.. Now a days lots of people are preferred lance in place of glasses,Lenses have very large and big market.
  5. josephwarnel

    Lensometer wanted

    Hi.. Thank you for providing me your E-mail id . In few days I will definitely contact you.
  6. josephwarnel

    Free Optician Training

    Hi.. Its really a very good news for any person who is really interesting to develop carrier as an optician.This kind of training will boost up their confidence level.