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    Santinelli 7070 Lens chuck problem

    Hi Leo Thanks for your help on this problem. I took the head apart as you suggested and removed the shaft and bearings. The bearings spun free and didn’t have any play but the screw threads inside the plastic gear that moves the shaft in and out were damaged. The metal screw that threads into the gear had cut a spiral of plastic and it was jammed in the threads. I removed the coil of plastic and greased the threads and also had to move the little micro switch closer to the shaft end because of the wear on the screw threads the shaft end disengaged from the threads if it retracts all the way. I definitely need a new gear and maybe a new shaft end and end seal. I am temporarily back in business. 1. Do you sell parts for the 7070 or do I have to get them from Santinelli? 2. Is there a schematic available so I know what to order? You are a real life saver. Thanks again for taking the time. Pete
  2. Problem just started today. The lens chuck will not move all the way over to hold the lens. I have tried squirting wd 40 on the shaft and cycling the chuck in and out . It first started with the chuck only moving an inch or so but with repeated cycles it now moves more but it is still about 5mm short of contacting the lens. After about 50 cycles it seems to go back to moving only and inch then will gradually move a little more each time but never gets to the lens. I have tried setting the chuck pressure from low to high, no difference. I have tried tugging on the shaft as it moves to “help” it out. Nothing. It does not seem to be binding and isn’t making any unusual noise. It just stops in the wrong place. In order to use the machine I have had to attach a second rubber lens pad to the existing rubber pad and that seems to work for now. This machine is 9 years old and I have had it since new. It has been professionally serviced by Santenilli several times and is in great shape. It may be time for the rebuilt 9000 have had my eye on for a while.