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  1. If anyone know's anyone that would be interested in a Keyboard-ZA w /Color Display. I have several that are brand new still in the box. This is a plug and play assembly that has all the boards, LCD screen and Keypad for 430 & 450 edgers.
  2. Yes Weco does make the trace II tracer. I will most certianly take a pic of it in a day or so and send you an e-mail of it. I will try and post it also. Thanks for asking
  3. Would you be interested in buy Cad II and Cad III blockers and Trace II tracers? Some are new and some are used, but all in good shape. Also I have some display panels for 450 and 430 edger with amplifier board complete that are new. All you have to do is plug and play. We are reducing our inventory of over stock and used equipment that we are no longer using. If you are interested please let me know. We are going to put most of it up on EBay soon. Opticman
  4. opticman

    edging trivex

    Yes you can cut it on the CR-39 setting with low water and a light pressure setting
  5. There is a company called Optisource that had made a pad especially for AR. It is called Crimson King Blocking pads. Of course you also needs to look at what the other said about worn wheels, blocks, chuck pads and main motor belt issues.
  6. opticman

    Weco technical manuals

    Sorry about that! What kind of WECO manual are you looking for? I have some that are on a Z-file!
  7. opticman

    Weco technical manuals

    What kind of WECO manual are you looking for? I have some that are on a Z-file!