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  1. optigirl

    Edger Cycle Count

    Ugggg...........lol.........where have you been?
  2. optigirl


    answer 1 better if refracted correctly answer 2 better if refracted correctly (toric)
  3. optigirl

    Optical Finish Tech / Service Tech

    Can I send you my resume? :-)
  4. optigirl

    School or Apprentice

    I have been an Optician for 23 cough...er...uh years.....I am licensed in 3 almost 4 states...have my ABO/NCLE...etc...etc.....anyway....I was required to go to school AND do an apprenticeship because this is what NJ required at the time. I can tell you this....you will NOT learn what you need to learn by apprenticing to pass the boards. School is the ONLY way you'll pass!!! Or for that matter have even a remote chance of passing. On the job training does teach you what you need to know to WORK in the field and be successful, however there are alot of formulas that you don't use that are on the boards. I have worked all over the Eastern USA and am amazed at how many "Opticians" have no idea about optics. They have no idea about what frames go with what RX's.....it's not only scarey....it's insulting to us "school" graduates as well as our apprentices the actually have a "clue". My suggestion is to go to school and NOT leave your future in the hands of an "Optician" that can't teach you what you need to know to pass the boards.....after all......teachers are paid to teach....Opticians are paid to ...hmmm....drink? LOL Good luck!!!!! I'm licensed in NC and it is one of the hardest boards to take....Good Luck!!!!
  5. optigirl

    Vacation in New York City

    New York is wide open fun!! I miss it!! The best times are in the winter...taking a carriage ride through Central Park in the snow.....dining at Mickey Mantals across from C.P...... seeing the tree....the ice skating rink....visiting Macys window displays...yes!!! I agree....it's very impressive!!!! If you visit in the summer....Tavern on the Green!!!! AND all the free concerts in Central Park.....awesome!!!! And if your there in the summer.....visit the Jersey shore.......theres nothing better than the boardwalks!!! Glad you had a great time!!!!!
  6. optigirl

    E.V. 4.0

    your funny!! I've tried almost everything from adding thickness to the blanks to speed.....I HATE TRIVEX!!! (Almost as much as I hate you know who...lol)
  7. optigirl

    E.V. 4.0

    If I never run another trivex lens again I wouldn't miss it. I don't know which Generator and edger you have but I can tell you the blades for the SGX have taken a beating trying to cut this material. If the blade isn't really really really sharp they melt the lens. I have had more blades break trying to cut these lenses than ever before and it's not my chiller cause it's working perfectly. These blades aren't cheap either....85.00 per blade!!! Thats crazy!!! Then my Triumph takes forever to cut the lens...it goes on and on and on and on......like that stupid bunny. Hey...just had to add my 2 cents...now I'm broke...lol...have a good one!!!
  8. optigirl

    truimph edger

    You were right as usual!! It was the Y motor that was bad...had to replace it. Now it's working! Thanks again and again and again!!!
  9. optigirl

    truimph edger

  10. optigirl

    truimph edger

    Finally got the edger working with alot of help Although I'm still having to recalibrate several times a day just to keep it on axis. It slowly changes by like 5 degrees then if not recalibrated it changes by up to 20 degrees.....weird! Thanks for your help! Now onto other problems...lol.....my generator keeps giving me a V32 error.....I blew out the motor thinking it maybe getting hot...but it didn't help...I'm thinking it has something to do with the power supply or poss. the motor is going...what do you think?.... It's an SGX.... Thanks Optigirl
  11. optigirl

    truimph edger

    Sorry it's taken me this long to get back on here, working 60 hours a week is killin me...but I'm still having the same problems...going on 3 weeks now.....Ok....so get this...I replaced the rotation shaft twice on the left side because I thought maybe the gears were messed up when we started running it without the shim.......and checked the rest the alumn. c clip that goes round the shaft by the belt was fairly easily moved.....so I tightened the set screw on it...but it did the same thing..(didn't help).... ok but heres the weird part.......we had the same edger brought from another store and it does the same thing as the other one!!....So now I'm thinking maybe it's something else. Do you think it could be the software or the tracer? Oh yeah...and I already replaced the power board... I know I have to be missing something and it's probably something really really stupid Thanks again for your help....
  12. optigirl

    truimph edger

    Thanks for your help....so....the nightmare continues..... I replaced the wavey washer....and replaced the missing shim.....replaced all the bearings that I know of both on the right and the left side of the sink. So what now? The only other thing I could think of that I haven't replaced yet is the boards or the software.....what do you think? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luv ya....mean it
  13. optigirl

    truimph edger

    Does anyone know if the shim and wavey washer that go into the left side of the chuck driving gears could cause lenses to turn 90 degrees off if they are defective or missing? I'm using a Triumph Edger. Thanks