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  1. I have an Ophthalmologist in South Florida who has just lost their optician! Optician has to handle out of state family emergency! The optician does not feel he will be returning to Florida.


    This is a high end practice with a 8:30-5 M-F schedule.....

    We need a licensed optician for the Boca Raton area, we will pay mileage and a kicking per hour fee!




    This position is posted for a minimum of 90 days with a Super chance of full time employment...



    We can take a license no less than 3 days per week, and unlicensed for up to 2 days per week





    i matters


    great jobs great people....866.412.4115 407.895.9195 www.imatters.net

  2. I got the SHOCKING call this morning from a great optician that I have known for several years,


    Not just any employer but the one who came begging and crying with money in hand to have her stay for now and forever.... you know the drill.......girl doesn't feel appreciated with old job....girl finds great new job, great job loves girl, true love from the onset, girl puts in a resignation with old job...girl stays with old job...now old job is dumping her 6 weeks later.....

    How did this happen? Well a little history on this one, we will call "fire in the belly", great in sales, refractions, a real team player, but does not and has not been appreciated on the work site for some time.

    So, she decided to look for another position by telling several of her sales representatives. (You know, the grape vine) Well, that rep. told her of another opportunity down the street, she applied and was offered the job "on the spot" (not so surprising, since she is that good)..... Here comes the problem.


    Employers think like humans too. They spend money and time with and on you to have your attention and dedication. Rightly so, they pay for it, and we provide that service.

    So when all of the "efforts" that have come and gone, lunches on the run and stuff. Maybe there is more to this than pay for your time, maybe you really, really like them...Suddenly there is the employee, telling you, "gotta go". As with most situations, first panic sets in, counter offers are made, "things will change", promises...promises...

    Some of them could change, and so being a person of vision, she agreed to stay. (BY the way, the sales rep that offered the new opportunity to the optician can no longer visit the "old job" that she worked)

    Well, now the doubt sets in with the employer, and guess what they do? Run an ad, a secretive, PO BOX, rented 800 number ad... which someone applied to. Surprisingly, there is an optician out there that responded to this ad and got the job!


    (On a side note, I knew this technician who responded to a blind ad that her present employer had placed to find HER replacement) so don't do it... save yourself... and your pride


    Needless to say, this optician was let go with no severance or even a letter of recommendation. Surprised?

    Probably not. Now Mr. Employer is saying,,,, let’s see who is leaving who here...

    NOT pretty... because this one hit so close to home, I wanted to be proactive versus reactive by attaching one article that we provide to our candidates throughout the confidential process of finding their next great adventure.

    Please enjoy,,,, also we would love your stories, comments and ideas!


    Call or write anytime! charisse... imatters... great jobs...great people www.imatters.net





    What are they?

    A counter offer sometimes happens when you tell your current company that you are leaving for a better opportunity. Your current employer panics and immediately offers you a raise and/or increased responsibility if you stay with the company.


    Reasons companies extend a counter offer:

    * Department morale suffers when people leave.

    * Employee resignations do not look good on a manager's record.

    * It is cheaper to give you a raise than it would be to recruit a new employee.

    * They can give you a raise and have you stay while they search for your replacement.

    * The projects you are working on will suffer delays because of your departure.

    * Companies want to have a low turnover rate.

    * Companies do not want sensitive or confidential information going to a competitor.

    * Companies do not want skilled professionals going to competitors.

    Top reasons why you should not accept one:

    * You had to threaten to leave in order to receive the rewards and career path you have earned.

    * 80% of all employees who accept a counteroffer are no longer with the employer after 1 year.

    * The same circumstances that now cause you to consider a change will repeat themselves in the future; even if you accept a counteroffer.

    * You will be signing up again to spend 8 hours plus a day at a company that you were trying to leave.

    * Aside from money, your original reasons for leaving your job will still be present after accepting a counter offer.

    * The money extended to you in the counter offer often comes out of your next raise or bonus. Companies usually have strict guidelines about salary increases and promotions.

    * You will not be considered a loyal employee from here on out; therefore, you will not be included in the inner circle.

    * When promotion time comes around, managers remember who has tried to leave the company already, and who is likely to be there for years to come.

    * If the company hits rough waters, you will be the first to be let go.

    * Often, when you accept a counter offer, your manager will already be looking for your replacement.

    * Statistically, four out of five employees who accept a company's counter offer end up leaving that company within 6 to 9 months anyway.

  3. Tip and Tricks is taking a moment to rant.....

    Albeit said... having proper behavior and interviewing skills seems to be a little forgotten these days...


    Just so everyone is clear, I matters is a multi specialty organization, but we consider ourselves specialists in the ophthalmic recruiting. Being a Nationwide organization now, we are also in the habit of interviewing for expansion needs within our organization...so I have a few tips myself as well as ones that I matters suggests



    If you really want the job... investigate the company..find any tid bit of information that will indicate that you are interested in the company and in working for them...

    • Flattery and Interest works for an interview

    • Turn off your cell phone during an interview

    • Take notes!! Bring a pad of paper, maybe even a few questions or articles on the company

    • Visit their website

    • Do they have any specialties or claims to fame? Find out… if you can not find this out before your interview, look for posters, pamphlets or brochures while waiting to meet the interviewer.

    • Everyone wants to hear their baby is the “prettiest”, remember, you are interviewing with a person who works for the company everyday…they are part of the “baby” ….acknowledge their part in the business and compliment them and the business

    • No one wants to hear about the “under belly” of another organization, flatter the old “baby” and just say, I outgrew the culture, environment…etc.. “no bad baby talk!”

    • THANK YOU notes have one semi prepared and leave it ..completed at the front desk

    • Although you are super great, the most fantastic person that walks the earth, and the new company would be lucky to have you, there are others interviewing for this position…be prepared to win…do not leave any trick or stone unturned

    • Use all of your resources, find out if you might have mutual friends and call them, ask them to help network with the interviewer to get you that job!! (that is what we do with our placements, and 9 times out of 10, our candidates get hired)

    • Lastly,,, if they ask you to follow up, do and don’t be surprised if you need a second interview to assess skill sets



    Next tip, so you got the job, now what?


    All of your suggestions, ideas and comments can be threaded here or give us a ring at

    I matters, Inc., great jobs great people 407.895.9195

  4. Got a call today from Mr. H. He is based in Florida and considering the right time to make a move to another organization... is there a better time than others to look for a job?

    Can I respond with saying there are two thoughts:

    First: your market, if you are in an area like South West Florida, (Ft Myers, Sarasota, etc), South Florida (Stuart, Jupiter, Miami) are "seasonal" this means that you will have a better opportunity to get a higher rate of pay in that season. (October through May is the average season)

    Otherwise, to be honest, I matters has found that at the end of the year, most companies may not be buying physical inventory for the optical but they are buying "physical" inventory in employees.


    But the best advice that we can give is to say: "get on the list" or say in touch with the marketplace, your great job may just be around the corner!


    If you wish to "get on the list", go to www.imatters.net, give us your basics and we will alert you to your type of job that we have within those parameters!


    Call or write with your questions, ideas or comments!

    Charisse@imatters.net 866.412.4115

  5. Ms S writes: " I took a job that I saw amazing potential, but here I am at 90 days and don't feel that I am using my best assets"

    Ms S... first may I ask.. Do you have any employment agreement, i.e. a job description, letter of acceptance, or even something that would indicate your long term agreement or where you will be used?

    If you do, refer to that, if not also consider this... get a grip!

    List your "assets" i.e. good in the lab, great at sales... what ever you excel in and start developing questions around their need... Ms S told me she was really good at lab and they were not using her in that environment, so I say, ASK... By the way MR B, (employer) I have really enjoyed working in the lab and have had experience working with that XYZ lab equipment... when there is a need for someone to fill in as part of this team.. Please consider using me to help out"... there you go. Simple and easy.

    And guess what? You might find yourself in a position to get an even bigger raise!


    Write with your questions or comments! charisse@imatters.net

  6. Mr. T. recently worked with I matters to locate another position within the industry....

    He had a unique issue... working with several retail organizations with one or less years of employment.

    His question to use was: Hey, what do I do now? I have looked on my own and found organizations that paid "a super salary", but I could not stand the long hours or the ethical issues that these companies represented. What do I do now?"


    Mr. T, has found that out there in the industry there are those that "pay well" for "disposable labor"....

    Albeit, he has been able to feed his family and make those Disney dreams come true... his resume looks like he is "a JOB HOPPER"... this is the WORST resume to have..... That and bad hiring history... (And has nothing to do with his ethics or career path)


    But what can he do???


    This is when I matters can really help or any source that is "close to the contact" of the job that he wants...

    First please realize, two or three "job hops" will make any employer nervous. They are investing their time and energy in teaching you their way of doing business. And with a history of one or one and one half years with an organization, this is a pattern.....as an employer (for your lawn, dry cleaning or pizza delivery) would you "take a chance"? Maybe if it is easily replaceable... GOOD OPTICIANS ARE NOT EASILY REPLACED"


    So here is what you do... or what we do.... talk about your history in a letter to the potential employer.

    Indicate that you are aware that there are many opportunities that you have considered to make yourself more "well rounded" and will bring that experience to the practice...


    NOW HERE IS THE HARD PART... do you offer an employment contract?


    Yes, where you agree that you will stay with a practice for a given length of time... (6 months, 18 months) with the understanding that you are in it for the long haul... and to be honest... as an employer myself,, I suggest this in the introduction letter) otherwise you will meet the fishes on the otherside of your disposed resume... so what do you have to lose?

    Please understand who and what you are working for BEFORE making the move... or learn about the job from your friends, associates or even I matters.... we are in the business of making long term placements... call us for advice, we are all in the business and looking out for your well being...


    Without you ... we are nothing


    I matters ... great jobs great people



  7. Hello from Charisse and I matters!

    Most of you are well aware that I own a recruiting firm specializing in Ophthalmic placement, but what most don't know is that "I have been there.... I have done that"... optician, technician, receptionist (front desk) biller coder, and of course sales representative for ophthalmic vendors such as varilux, silhouette, marchon and charmant and also I went back to school with a couple of my optical friends for spanish lessons and ended up with a Masters degree in business management... with THAT being said. We will use your topics and thoughts to create a new forum. This is where you get to ask questions or "issues that your friends are having" in and out of the business...

    Feel free to contact both optiforum and I matters with any suggests, comments or ideas... without you we are nothing!!



    I matters


    great jobs for great people





  8. Technician position: this is a great traveling position with the true manufacturer in A/R. This is an opportunity to work hand in hand with some of the movers and shakers in the lab industry. Prior thin film experience as well as machinery experience is preferred.

    I matters is working exclusively with the TOP Anti reflective producer to locate the EXCEPTIONAL technician for their organization!


    We have 100% paid medical, all holidays, 2 weeks vacation, dental, long term retirement, and training,,,,,, if you need to travel,,, it is covered!


    Are you experienced in A/R thin film? This is a great opportunity to meet some of the movers and shakers in our industry....


    Call us today to learn more, or visit our website at: www.imatters.net




    All matters are completely confidential

  9. I matters is your source for quality jobs, so whether you're a Fortune 500 type or small office type, we will find the right job for you.


    Our employers pay all of the costs involved in the matching process!

    New jobs:

    • Atlanta: The best opticians need to apply to this position. We represent a private multi-location Opticianry, if you can sell and love good eyewear, this is your practice.

    • Salaries are based on experience, but expect to be impressed!

    • Front desk: Suwannee/Atlanta market, front desk position with a private OD, who will even train the right person in Opticianry. $9-15 dollars per hour based on experience

    • South Florida: ready for sunshine and great water fronts? We have some amazing clients ready for you! We have lab positions, for surfacing and bench work, pay based on experience from $13-25 per hour


    • Technician position: this is a great traveling position with the true manufacturer in A/R. This is an opportunity to work hand in hand with some of the movers and shakers in the lab industry. Prior thin film experience as well as machinery experience is preferred.


    • West Coast of Florida! Positions for licensed and unlicensed opticians. Free medical, disability and bonuses apply!



    • Refracting techs are needed throughout the Nation! Know if one, refer them in and we will send you our fabulous finder’s fees!


    Last but not the least

    We pay referral bonuses, send your favorite people our way and if they are hired today or next year, you get the bonus!



    All of our jobs are real, and waiting for the right person, so do not delay, and get on our list,


    I matters



    Great jobs great people



    All matters are completely confidential.




    So what are you waiting for..find your perfect job today!



    imatters. Because you matter

    866.412.4115 or 407.895.9195

  10. Are you tired of working for a practice where your hard work goes unnoticed? Our clients love their employees and are not afraid to show it!


    We need a licensed optician or almost licensed optician for the Ocala area.


    Licensed opticians and great sales opticians needed for South Florida.


    Technicians, Front Desk, Biller/coders in the Florida, Washington State and Chicago Central Area!!


    Competitive salary and benefits are part of our clients packages.

    This is no cost to you, our clients pay all the fees!!


    Contact I matters, www.imatters.net or 866.412.4115

    These are IMMEDIATE openings!



    I matters great jobs great people!

    All matters are completely confidential!

  11. I matters is your source for new employment ,,,,we are completely confidential and best of all there are NO FEES to you!

    [*]OPTICIANS, Need a unlicensed or licensed optician to run a PRIVATE ophthalmology practice opticianry in the Sun City area. M-F, benefits and super work environment.


    [*]OPTICIANS. I matters is the exclusive recruiter for a group of new offices in the FT MYERS and NAPLES area. License and Unlicensed opticians needed by September 2006, we will begin interviewing NOW...


    West Palm, Boca and Miami LAB RATS and MANAGERS:

    I matters has several openings for lab supervisors, finish supervisors and superior opticians and lab....

    CALL us today to find out more



    I matters has the best opportunities with the best practices in the market.


    Visit our website and learn more about us and what we have to offer!


    www.imatters.net, 407.895.9195

  12. Hello from I matters!


    We are your source for the best jobs and information in the market!


    We have amazing clients who are growing and need the best people to make that continue!


    We place everything from front desk,opticians, assistants, techs and Doctors!


    Please visit our website or contact us to discuss what we can do for you!


    Or just give us your email address and we will put you "on the list" for optical job updates!


    We are making our world better one person and one practice at a time!








    i matters, because you matter

  13. Hello from I matters!

    We are your source for staffing solutions and business strategies!


    Life is good and we are making it better one person at a time!


    Need an employee? We have your next super star!


    Need a job? Our clients are hands down the best people to work for!


    We do everything confidentially and you decide who, when and what you want to work with!




    Call us at 407.895.9195 or 866.412.4115

    or visit our website at www.imatters.net



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