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  1. The overall laser vision correction procedure will take about 30 minutes, and immediately following, eye shields will be placed over the eyes to keep patients from rubbing or accidentally being poked or prodded. Directly after the procedure, your eyes may itch, burn, or feel like there is something in them, but this will only be temporary. Patients are kept for 15 to 20 minutes post procedure to ensure that everything is in order. Patients will be given eye drops to keep eyes moist and special sunglasses to reduce the effects of sunlight. For patients who do feel discomfort after the LASIK procedure, doctors suggest taking a mild pain reliever.
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    I actually had it a couple months ago and the result to me was amazing. I don’t need to wear glasses anymore, I had an eye surgery in Lasik- 1.In most cases, people who have had LASIK can return to work and resume normal activities the very next day following their surgery. However, be sure to consult your doctor before engaging in swimming or any other physical activities that could disrupt the healing process