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    General RS-232 connection

    Hi, I tried to connnect my laptop PC to a Zeiss Acuitus with a RS-232 crossed cable to monitor data. Both side are setup 9600,8,1,no parity. But when I push the "print" button, the Acuitus says there is a transmission error and to check data cable, eventhough the cable is perfectly ok. I'd also like to hook my Topcon CV-3000 to my PC to acquire the subjective refraction to a homemade software. I cannot find the schematics of the COM din. So my questions are: 1) Do I have to use a crossed or a direct RS-232 cable to connect those machines? 2) Does anybody have the schematics of the din COM of the Topcon CV-3000? (although it may simply be a standard RS232 converted in 9 pole-din) 3) How can I get repair manual of those machines? I searched on internet but no luck. Thanks, Mike