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  1. DPalmer

    uncut lenses

    Contact either DAN OR MAUREEN at Northeast Optics in Upstate New York Phone (518)786-3222 Fax (518)786-3224 We would be more than happy to help you . Let us see what we can do for you . Thank You , Dan Palmer Northeast Optics
  2. DPalmer

    Leap Pads!!!

    So can I get samples of these leap pads or not ?Please let me know Thank You
  3. DPalmer


    Welcome to you hope you enjoy!!!!!
  4. DPalmer

    Leap Pads!!!

    I think I would like to try some of those can you send me a sample ? Let me know I will send you my address. Thanks, Dan
  5. DPalmer

    tips on remarking AR lenses?

    I have to say after years of using a china marker the Staedler pen works great and it is what I now use for all ar
  6. Who makes the trace II tracer is it Weco? I have never heard of that one would you happen to have a pic of it ?
  7. Does anyone know of where I can get a coating unit for a decent price if so please e-mail me @dman8867@nycap.rr.com or you can pm me Thank You, Dan
  8. DPalmer


    I don't forsee LC having Trivex anytime soon and I don't know why with all the drillmounts we have in store I would think it would make perfect sense to offer it as an option. It would only make money for them because they get to charge more . Maybe they are worried that it would impact their breakage protection plan rates because Trivex doesn't start to crack like a poly would for a drillmount. Does anyone know what kind of success ECCA is having with it?
  9. Hey guys and gals, I was wondering if anyone out there would happen to know if and or where I can get a complete lap set for a decent price ? I would prefer 1/10ths but will settle for 1/8ths if anyone knows please let me know . You can either e-mail me at dman8867@nycap.rr.com or pm me . Thank You, Dan Palmer
  10. Happy Birthday to our OptiAdministrator. I hope it a great one for you!!
  11. Please tell us what kind of edger you are using I'm sure someone has either used the same machine or has used it and we can tell you how we solved the problem. Good Luck, Dan
  12. DPalmer

    Transitions severs ties with Vision Ease

    I have finally gotten to surface and edge some of the new lenses from Vision-Ease and am glad to say I haven't had or heard of any problems with them . I don't have any strange abberations although I'm still waiting to get them in a progressive so I will wait to see how they are. But otherwise they are everything you would expect from a poly photochromic .
  13. DPalmer

    E.V. 4.0

    What blades are you running on your SGX ? Have you tried to call Gerber-Coburn and asking them why your having a rather large problem cutting Trivex ? If anyone has any answers for you it should be them . Let us know how it turns out . GOOD LUCK Dan
  14. DPalmer

    New Lab Rat

  15. DPalmer


    Thank You for your reply I was looking for manufacturer patterns . Do you have any or know of anyone who has any they want to get rid of ? Please e-mail me if so dman8867@nycap.rr.com Thank You, Dan