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  1. Hi all, We use the weco 890 automatic edgers. We have tried the 3M pad, but did not find it that good. Maybe being downunder they would send us second hand inferior goods?? Our best so far has been the Essilor intermediate pads. I also think the superhydrophobic pill has some bearing on the outcome. Perhaps the one we use is extremely slippery. Thanks for the help so far, and further suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi, Is there anyone with information on how we can apply a anti-slip coating over our superhydrophobic coated lenses? Or if there is any blocking pad that can assist with this problem. So far we tested Essilor and Weco pads, which come out the best. Our waste due to them slipping in the machines is beyond a joke. Any in formation would be appreciated.
  3. I am looking for information on various AR and/or Hardcoating machines as I do not have access to many different suppliers. What is the best on the market today and what is on offer? And if you are using a certain type, what is the positives and negatives? Thanks
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    Hi Labrat, Wonder if you could help. We have a new super hydrophobic top coat pill on our lenses. The problem is we have a lot os lenses slipping off-axis. we have tried intermediate pads, adjusted the motor speed, edging pressures etc, but still have problems. I know Essilor do a extra coating on top of the Super top coat which helps them, but they wont let us know what it is. Do you have any tricks for these type of coatings in the edgers? We have Weco 890 automatic edgers. Thanks