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    Need Florida Lic. Opticians

    Please send me a resume through the OptiForum email system. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL
  2. Prizmattica

    Lab Equipement

    Well since its a fictional store I assume you have a fictional bank account. In that case you need a Tracer and Blocker and generator for surfaceing, and couple cylinder machines. In finish you will need a lensometer, finish blocker ,edgers, tint unit, handstone, groover and buffer. Lots of hand tools and a final inspection lensometer. I suggest you look at Gerbers website for ideas. There is a lot of newer equipment that can do everything on one machine. Its very PRICEY$$$
  3. Prizmattica

    Santinelli 9000

    Thank You, I did everything you listed and it worked. I dont know exactly what the problem was since i did everything at the same time. Anyway, Thanks!!!
  4. Prizmattica

    Santinelli 9000

    Does anyone have advice on how to fix bad bevels on my lenses. I have calibrated the probe and have new wheels but still the bevel runs off the corners of the lenses. Please Help
  5. Prizmattica


    I too started with the accordian given too me as a gift from my polish grandfather. Its a cool instrument looking back on it. I should try to incorporate it into my music today.
  6. Prizmattica


    I play a mean keyboard in a band of optical lab people. It is true that many opticians are musicians.