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    Acquios Advisors

    Acquios Advisors is the newest name in eyecare practice management consulting – a team of veteran advisors known for their supportive approach and dedicated to helping businesses like yours get started in the marketplace, grow, find new patients, manage staff and inventory, increase efficiencies and revenue, create a path to retirement, and more. http://www.acquios.com
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    Vision Systems Inc.

    Why Buy from VSI ? September 9, 2010 Vision Systems Inc. (VSI) continues to set the standard for pre-owned Optical and Ophthalmic equipment for ECP’s worldwide. A company staffed with professionals and specialists from every facet of the eye care industry, VSI employees have a combined 200+ years of experience. VSI’s newly remodeled state of the art 21000 sq. ft. facility includes custom designed technical bays for each product. This along with factory trained technicians are what sets VSI apart from the typical used equipment reseller. When shopping for equipment on the Internet, it’s very difficult to know whom to trust. Most Internet sellers do not even advertise their physical address because they do not have a commercial facility and are more than likely just turning over a product. VSI fully tests, inspects, calibrates and cleans every piece of equipment it sells. In fact most equipment is fully refurbished top to bottom. It’s impossible to stand behind what you sell without a top quality trained technical staff with correct tools to do the job. Almost as important is the ability to professionally handle and pack the diverse product line sold in the industry today. VSI has a fully equipped shipping and receiving department with employees specially trained in handling Optical & Ophthalmic equipment. Vision Systems Inc. has been providing top quality instruments for almost 10 years with our legendary service and support. You can find testimonials all over the Internet and you can see our state of the art facility on Google maps. We are not a one or two man company with a template website working out of a basement or garage. We are a true brick and mortar facility with the best technicians in the world. Vision Systems Inc. stands alone as the leader in service and support. If you are looking to purchase high quality pre-owned and certified equipment from a company who unconditionally stands behind everything they sell, Vision Systems Inc. is the obvious choice. We will even certify your personal equipment and back it with a warranty. Ask a sales associate for details. Thank You, Vision Systems Inc.
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    The Optical Vision Site

    The Optical Vision Site, LLC is the new, upbeat and innovative optical blog that is rapidly becoming the ultimate resource for all things optical. We are providing lots of information to inspire, inform and encourage you and your associates to compete in the optical workplace. The Optical Vision Site features daily tips and unique content. Whether you are an Independent retailer, doctor, optician, sales rep, optical vendor or anything else related to optical we hope you will find something to inform, inspire or even amuse you. We are obsessed with the Optical Industry and everything related to making it more fun, exciting and appealing to you, and hopefully that translates to your patients and potential patients. We listen to you, our optical industry friends, associates and the ECP’s, about their needs and incorporate these into our blog. We have a sales and marketing slant because that is our experience. We don’t pretend to be the experts but we do help our users find information and resources to become more expert themselves. We cover many subjects such as: * Optical Education * Business Knowledge * Information Technology * Marketing * Managed Care * Retail Strategies * Product Knowledge * Sales Skills * Merchandising Enhancement Programs * Quick Resource Links, National and International This site is new – it has a long way to go and your participation will take us on that road of discovery as we invite you to share the ride! Please make a comment, contact us, send us an article and we will respond as fast as we can. You are very important to us and your feedback is welcome. For more information about The Optical Vision Site, LLC you can email theopticalvisionsite (at) gmail (dot) com. Subscription is FREE and you can unsubscribe at anytime. Who We Are Cathy Ives and Shirley Platzer-Stocks Shirley Platzer-Stocks, SPS Associates SPS Associates was founded in 1997 by Shirley Platzer-Stocks, MBA – a marketing executive with brand and marketing experience in both ophthalmic and consumer products. Shirley Platzer-Stocks is well known in the optical industry and has served on several national optical boards and committees, including The Vision Council and Optical Women’s Association (OWA). She has an extensive client list from many optical retailers, large and small, optical suppliers and other vision related operations. Before starting her own company in 1997 Ms. Platzer-Stocks was executive Vice President for Sales, Marketing and Distribution at Signet Armorlite, California. Cathy Ives I have been in the optical industry for over 30 years, starting with grinding lenses in a lab! My primary background is in sales, management and marketing and public speaking (I am an ABO certified speaker) . In my pre-blogging life, I worked for Signet (now Hoya), Marchon, Neostyle and Vision West in Sales and Management capacities. For many years, I have been active in providing business, sales and retail strategies for the Optical Professional believing that basic business and retail knowledge will be some of the keys to success to compete in today’s marketplace. For more information about The Optical Vision Site, LLC visit www.theopticalvisionsite.com. Subscription is FREE and you can unsubscribe at anytime. www.opticalvisionsite.com
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    History of Canon Non-Mydriatic Cameras

    History of Canon Non-Mydriatic Cameras - In 1976, Canon's optical technology capability led to the development of the World's First Non-Mydriatic Retinal camera for mass screening of adult diseases such as Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration. Today, Canon offers it's new generation of retinal cameras - the Canon CR-1 MII Non-Mydriatic and the Canon CF-1 Mydriatic Digital Retinal Camera system using Canon's EOS style Digital cameras
  5. The CF-1 Digital Mydriatic Retinal Camera is easy to use and efficient for both doctor and photographer. When used with a Canon EOS® digital SLR camera (sold separately), users can enjoy renowned Canon optical technology for superb imaging quality. User-friendly control software helps to ensure efficient workflow, potentially resulting in increased patient throughput. The CF-1 Digital Mydriatic Retinal Camera provides high-resolution color, red free, and fluorescein angiography imaging performance and heightened efficiency for eyecare professionals.
  6. OptiAdministrator

    Fundus Photo Billing

    Fundus Photos Optic nerve head analysis with a scanning laser device is superior to a single two-dimensional photo of the optic disc. Scanning laser devices can document precise cup depth, volume and shape. They have revolutionized early detection of glaucomatous optic nerve head topography. Yet, fundus photos can document other findings, such as peripapillary atrophy, which should be followed in all glaucoma patients. These images should be taken annually so progression can be evaluated. Also, fundus photos are indispensable for following disc hemorrhages. You can bill for fundus photos for glaucoma twice a year. Typical reimbursement is about $65 to $80.
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    How many opticians are out there ?

    Hello and Welcome Scott, Yes we are a bit slow but we are considering some serious advertising very soon. Welcome and spread the word to your friends. We need opticians who care about the industry to make this place more active.
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    I Matters

    Whether you are an employer or an employee IMatters can make the right match for you. Please visit IMatters for all your employment needs Call them at 407.895.9195 or 866.412.4115 or visit their website at www.imatters.net and email charisse@imatters.net I matters, because you matter
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