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  2. EyeInnovate, the eye care marketing conference is just 7 weeks away. Hosted in Los Angeles, CA on Nov 6, 2018. Don't miss this one of a kind event on how to grow your eye care business with the power of marketing & technology. Hear from speakers from Google, Yelp, YouTube and industry marketing experts Dr. Alan Glazier, Bill Gerber, Dr. Tanya Gill & Kevin Wilhelm. End the day listening to Randy Jackson from American Idol talk about branding. To see the full lineup visit www.eyeinnovate2018.com. Want more incentive...for a limited time tickets are on 2 For 1 and you also have a chance to "Win a Trip To LA". Hurry....enter today! www.eyeinnovate2018.com.
  3. Vision Equipment Refurbished Santinelli Lens Edgers Available: Santinelli ME1000 Santinelli LEX1000 Santinelli LE1000s Express Santinelli LE9000SX Express Santinelli LE9000SX Santinelli LE9000LX Santinelli LE7070 Each system includes Blocker, Blocks, Water System, Installation, Training, and Warranty. Call or email Vision Equipment for a detailed quote. sales@visionequipmentinc.com 855-776-2020 WE ALSO PURCHASE AND SERVICE LENS EDGERS AND ALL OTHER OPHTHALMIC EQUIPMENT!!! Please visit www.visionequipmentinc.com for your ophthalmic equipment needs.
  4. Hi, OK. Well, I'm interested in this model scanner. Do you have any idea where to look for? Best regards!
  5. No, the tracer has been sold. Sorry
  6. Hi again, is the offer still up to date?
  7. Marco M3 ARK with Tonometry The Marco M3 offers the same space and time saving features as well as the dependability of the original M3, because it is 3 instruments in one, the only one of its kind. The M3 presents several enhanced features such as a smaller footprint, to save even more space, and a new exterior design, but most importantly, the M3 now uses SLD (Super Luminescent Diode) and a highly sensitive CCD device to provide Zonal Ring-Image Technology. This makes it possible to now accurately measure patients with cataracts, corneal opacities, IOLs, and post LASIK. Automatic Refraction Automatic Keratometry Non-Contact Tonometry Space Saving Time Saving High-Speed Measurements Accurate Data EyeTracking System Auto Measure Adjustable Monitor Motorized Chinrest Softer Air Puff Please Call 855-776-2020 or Email: visionequipmentinc@gmail.com with your shipping address for a detailed quote.
  8. ZEISS Cirrus HD-OCT 5000 Angioplex w/Table ZEISS Cirrus HD-OCT 5000 w/Table ZEISS Cirrus HD-OCT 500 w/Table ZEISS Cirrus HD-OCT 4000 w/Table ZEISS Cirrus HD-OCT 400 w/Table ZEISS Stratus w/Table INCLUDES INSTALLATION TRAINING AND WARRANTY Excellent Condition Financing Available Please call 855-776-2020 or email visionequipment@gmail.com with your shipping address for a detailed quote.
  9. Reliance 4246 roller stool for sale. Black color. Great condition. The plastic wheels have been replaced with rubber wheels which should last a lifetime. I was just quoted a price of $270 for a new one from an optometric equipment distributor. Will sell mine for $100. Buyer pays shipping.
  10. Lightly used Topcon TRC-NW400 Retinal Camera Available as a stand alone system, or with local computer w/Imagenet 5 software, or use the DICOM compatibility to run straight into your network. Available with or without table. SAVE 50% $$$ PLEASE CALL 855-776-2020 OR EMAIL visionequipmentinc@gmail.com with your shipping address for a detailed quote. The Topcon TRC-NW400 is a fully automated, easy-to-use, auto-focus, auto-capture non-mydriatic retinal camera that is designed to obtain high resolution color images of the retina and the anterior segment of the human eye. It is equipped with automatic focusing and capture and a fully automated mechanism that moves the optical head from one eye to the other without operator intervention. The large 10” color touch-screen monitor allows for total control of the functions as well as displays the acquired images. A high resolution color sensor provides quality images with a 45° field of view. The TRC-NW400 has 9 internal fixation targets that facilitate the composition of wide angle views of the retina. The TRC-NW400 can be used as a stand-alone unit saving images to a USB drive, as well as sending the images to be saved to a remote server or EMR system. It is DICOM compliant and can be used without a computer, retrieving the modality work list with patient information directly from the EMR server. With the use of the optional IMAGEnet® 5* software, the TRC-NW400 can save and store the images to a local computer making them available for review. * Sold separately or as a part of a package. Key Features Fully automated operation and automatic transfer from eye to eye 10” touch screen monitor for instrument control and image display Auto stereo feature does not require manual movement of the optical head Anterior segment photography 9 internal LED fixation targets DICOM compliant Can work as a standalone device or in combination with capture software
  11. OCULUS Keratograph 5M Corneal Topographer Keratometer 2016 model, sold new in summer of 2017. Only used 3 months before practice closed. From original Invoice: Keratograph 5M topographer includes: Measuring head, XYZ moveable base, head and chinrest, USB and electrical cable, dust cover, 21.5" all-in-one computer incl. Windows, wireless mouse, mini-keyboard, height adjustable table and one floating license key. Software includes: Overview display, Comparison display, Fourier Analysis display, Refractive map display, height map display, Refractive compare map for CRT follow up, Keratoconus Detection/Zernike Analysis maps, Contact lens fitting software, NIK-BUT, Tear Meniscus & Tear Film Dynamic, Meibography scan, Imaging, Jenvis Dry Eye Report and RScan. PLEASE CALL 855-776-2020 or EMAIL visionequipmentinc@gmail.com with YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS for a detailed quote.
  12. Hi, my grandmother is 80 years old. She never had spectacles in her life. She was able to see everything very clearly and she used to read the newspaper even without spectacles. It has been only one week since she is not able to see clearly and read the newspaper. She also complained to me that she is experiencing severe eye strain and headaches while reading. These days she squints in order to see things clearly. Yesterday I took her to a clinic nearby. After a detailed check-up, the doctor said that she is suffering from cataract. The doctor suggested undergoing a Lasik eye surgery from a clinic in Toronto. My grandmother is afraid of surgeries. Is there any other way to correct it other than surgery? Can it be cured using eye drops? Is it safe to undergo a Lasik eye surgery at this age? Please help me with some valuable suggestions. Any advice is highly appreciated. Thank you!
  13. Vision impairment and eye diseases are becoming common these days because of swift changes in technology. We are getting dependent too much on gadgets and gizmos that affect our health and especially our eye when it is about smartphones and tablets. However, in order to enjoy our lives, we need to take good care of ourselves. Human eyes are considered to be the most sensitive part of a human’s body. To take good care of our set of eyes, we need expert optometrists in our lives. Expert optometrists of Middle Tennessee provide the best quality of services if you are suffering from any sorts if eye disease. Eye doctors from the Lebanon location offer their patients the attention and the care they require. Ever since the inception of this eye care facility, patients have benefitted hugely from the procedures and the services offered here. Optometric physicians working here have set themselves apart from their competitors as they are also involved in clinical studies, which allows them to offer their patients with the latest and advanced eye care solutions.LASIK consults and Post-operative careThe optometrist also performs consultations to see and evaluate if the patients are eligible for refractive surgeries such as PRK, LASIK, and ICL. If a patient is eligible for surgical vision correction, a recommendation will be made to an ophthalmologist who is a specialist in refractive surgery. After the refractive surgery has been carried out, patients then receive their post-operative care from the optometrists working here at this facility.The leads and the teamDr. Richard and Dr. Derek are the two leads running this facility with a team of professional optometrists from different parts of the country. The whole team of optometrists ensures that their patients are treated well. This eye care facility also offers the best insurance plans in order to cater the patients according to their budget. Be sure to pay a visit you can check their website for information.
  14. Santinelli LEX1000 edger with ICE1000 tracer/blocker and Lex Drill We have a really nice complete Santinelli LEX1000 edger with ICE1000 tracer/blocker and Lex Drill. Includes Installation and Training, Warranty, and Lifetime phone support. IF INTERESTED: Please email your shipping address to visionequipmentinc@gmail.com for a detailed quote. Please allow 3-4 weeks to complete our refurbishment process.
  15. Item Summary for TOPCON SP-1P Microscope ***DEMO UNIT*** The Topcon Specular Microscope model SP-1P introduces a fully automatic capture procedure together with a modern, ergonomic design that simplifies its use and increases its efficiency. A large 10.4 inch rotatable touch panel monitor eliminates the need for a joystick, and can be turned to various angles, for better interaction with the patient. The space saving features combined with its ease of use makes the SP-1P the instrument for a new generation in eye care.
  16. Item Summary for TOPCON TRC-NW8F Plus Myd/Non-Myd Retinal Camera w/ Color/FA/FAF Fundus Camera The Topcon TRC-NW8F Plus is a multi-function easy-to-use, mydriatic/non-mydriatic retinal camera with auto focus and auto capture capabilities. The multi function capture features include color fundus, red-free images, fluorescein angiography and fundus auto fluorescence (FAF) using Topcon’s exclusive Spaide FAF filters. It is equipped with automatic focusing and capture making its use quick and simple. The automatic blink detection and small pupil features prevent mistakes during capture. A 16.2 megapixel camera back provides high resolution images with a 45° field of view with a 30º incorporated digital zoom. The internal firmware allows the user to seamlessly communicate with the IMAGEnet® capture system. The TRC-NW8F Plus has nine internal fixation points that facilitate the composition of wide angle views of the retina. Also available without Fluorescein Angiography
  17. NEW STYLE POWER SUPPLY, JOYSTICK, AND CAP The Haag Streit BM900 Slit Lamp has been the standard in modern slit lamp microscopy for more than 55 years – and still is! Over 100,000 professionals all over the world who own a BM 900 agree that it was the best investment they ever made for their practice. As with all Haag-Streit slit lamps, a Goldmann tonometer – the gold standard in IOP measurement – may be added to the system. Convergent optics for brilliant views Two “workhorse” magnifications 10 and 16x Short observer to patient distance
  18. ZEISS Cirrus 4000 HD-OCT Quad Core, Win 7, 8.1 SoftwarePlease call or email for special OptiForum Price.$5000 off when you mention OptiForum. This is the lowest price in the country. Completely refurbished by ZEISS factory trained technician, ONE YEAR WARRANTY.
  19. Primary care for the eyes is highly important. Our eyes are the blessing of God that has no alternatives on earth. For their primary care, it is better to visit a professional optometrist. The optometrist is the right person to contact for providing perfect primary care to the eyes. They perform different types of visual examinations for eyesight problems and give suggestions for their improvement. Optometrists in Lebanon also conduct various tests on the eyes for glaucoma and other problems so that in-depth diagnosis can be made. Above all, the optometrist is the professional who can suggest the right type of glasses and contact lenses for the eyes and they are destined to give their patients proper eye care. Get the eye care services which you have never thought before! The professionals at the office are trained to provide full services related to the eye and vision care and they are emergency eye care specialist. People can contact them via appointment as well. They serve all the patients in the area of Lebanon and nearby areas. Proper care and personal attention is provided to every patient on the one-to-one basis. The aim of these optometrists is to provide immaculate service along with high-class comfortable environment at the clinic. During the first visit, the patient is examined for different types of problems and there is one question-answer session on which personal questions are asked of them. Then they are asked for vision financing options, which are according to their budgets so that proper eye care with good service can be given to them. Avail the latest treatments in your budgets! The treatment approach used by these optometrists is quite different from others. They have separate treatment plans for every patient and really care about the health factors on an individual basis. Dr. Richard Durocher is a certified optometrist who has completed the specialization in many disciplines related to vision rehabilitation, lesser vision problems, and visual therapy services. He is a well-known optometrist in the area of Hendersonville and is committed to his cause of serving all the patients with utmost eye-care services. He leaves no stone unturned to make his patients comfortable by giving them high-class treatments with excellence. There is no doubt that at his clinic, patients can receive the latest products and procedures from all over the world. Be realistic! Get all your eye problems solved today The staff in the clinic is also involved in clinical research and they work upon the up-to-the-minute optometrist procedures, which are related to the ocular problems. Surface diseases, contact lenses, and eye care systems given here are one of the best in the world. These professionals have also gained international recognition among different organizations and associations all over the world. They believe that they are serving the cause of increasing the quality of life of the patients. They maintain proper sanitation and hygiene services at the clinic.
  20. Welch Allyn Dual Indwelling Battery Recharger for sale. Excellent working condition and unblemished appearance. New ones like this sell for $200-$300. Will sell for $100.
  21. ***Installation and Training Available*** ***Financing Available*** Please email visionequipmentinc@gmail.com with your shipping address for a detailed quote. Completely refurbished to manufacturer specifications. The VISUCAM fundus camera with a 24-megapixel sensor produces brilliant, detail-rich images to effectively aid in diagnosing and monitoring a broad range of eye diseases – from glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy to dry AMD. VISUCAM is a complete system with numerous on-board image capture modes – fundus autofluorescence, non-mydriatic Color, Red free, Red, Blue – and visualization functionality that provide powerful diagnostic insights for optimal patient care. VISUCAM 224 with FAF is a fully featured non-myd and mydriatic color camera for comprehensive care.
  22. Complete Turn Key Santinelli finish lab available. Includes Lensmeter, Blocker, LE7070 Edger, Groover, Handstone, Phantom Tint Unit, Frame Warmer, Installation, Training and Warranty.... Only $12995 Delivered !!! ?
  23. OEO's fiber length

    Hello everyone, I've read something like in oscillator optoelectronics, if we add a long fiber optics in the set up. We will get lower phase noise According to this links: http://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/2043-6262/1/4/045008/pdf But I don't understand why. Does anyone has some idea? Best regards, David
  24. We are overstocked with all models of Topcon Autorefractor Keratometers, and NCTs. Models Available: Topcon KR800 Topcon KR800s Topcon KR8900 Topcon KR8800 Topcon KR8000 Topcon KR7000 Topcon CT80 Topcon CT60 Please email your shipping address to visionequipmentinc@gmail.com with your desired models, and we will send you a detailed quote. Thank You, and Happy New Year!!!
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