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Free Services??



Often I have people expect adjustments and small repairs to be free even though they didn't purchase their eyeglasses from my business. It may be as small as putting new nose pads on their eyeglasses but it all adds up. I'm curious how others handle this situation. Do you adjust eyeglass frames that weren't purchased in your business?? Do you charge??


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Good question.

That is an opportunity to apply all my skills on a captured audience and highlight the major differences between me and all competitors. Of course, making it a quick, painless and pleasant experience is extremely important.

We charge $1 for nose pads, adjustments are free, only in extreme repetitive cases we charge $5 and ask why they prefer coming to us.

Being that marketing yields a meager 1% or 2% average return rate at best, i gladly welcome at least a 30% conversion rate on those added patients walking in the door almost for free.


All that being said, a lot depends on sharp frame adjusting and repair skills to get the patient in and out in an efficient manner, regardless of what's going on.


Lastly, the lack of even halfway decent opticianry skills at most local chain stores is my competitive advantage.

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